5 Best Yellow Wall Clocks To Say GoodBye To Summer

I think I’m in denial.  I don’t want summer to end…at all.  I’m not ready to say good bye to beautiful sun shiny days, late sunsets and green, leafy trees.  I’ve been clinging on to the last few weeks of summer with a vengeance.  I’m still proudly wearing all my summertime clothes: my neon shorts and flip-flops, all by brightly colored tank tops and my beach wear are all still getting worn.  I’m even still trying to plan a few last day trips to the beach.  Basically, I just want to keep pretending like summer isn’t going to end any time soon.

So in an ode to summer, I want to take a moment and admire some of my favorite yellow large wall clocks.  Of course these are NOT, by any means, summertime clocks.  These clocks are made for any time of year.  I just want to share them today, because in my mind, yellow is a perfect color for summertime.  But please, by all means proudly display your yellow large wall clocks in your home all year long!

#1 Antique Yellow Round Old Town Metal Wall Clock


#2 12 Inch Modern Creative Ultra Silent Fruit Lemon Quartz Round Wall Clock


#3 Harbor Yellow Wall Clock, 10″ – 60″, Whisper Quiet, non-ticking


#4 12″ 14″ 16″ Kitchen Style Roman Numbers Silent Wall Clock


#5 12″ Vintage Wooden Colourful Tuscan Style Wall Clock


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