6 Types of Wall Clocks You Should Know

The world of wall clocks is older than what most of us think. Initial clocks were known as cartel clocks which had metal casts on beautiful wooden frames. The word cartel means frame in the French language. Wall clocks can be distinguished in many ways considering their period, their cost, their working and their style. Some popular types of wall are discussed below.

Pendulum Wall Clock

The pendulum clock is different than other type of clocks in terms of working, manufacturing and appearance. The pendulum is what is unique about these clocks. Christian Huygens invented the first pendulum clocks. These days, pendulum clocks have been working on springs and even batteries. Grandfather clocks are a good example of pendulum type clocks.

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Musical Wall Clock

Musical wall clocks are those which emit a tune after a certain period of time. These time intervals can be manually set or adjusted. Cuckoo clocks are famous examples of musical clocks. Now battery operated musical clocks are also getting popular with buyers.

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Decorative Wall Clock

Decorative wall clocks which are also called as designer wall are smaller in size and are popular as they go with most theme based rooms. Some manufacturers offer limited number of designer clocks signed by famous personalities. Famous decorative limited editions include film and sports based themes.


Antique Wall Clock

The words ‘wall clock’ and ‘antique’ seem synonymous with many museums dedicated to antique artifacts proudly displaying wall from various eras. Antique wall clocks are those which have been tested by time and many of these are still in working conditions. Also antique wall, black forest cuckoo clocks and the good old grandfather clocks have fetched record prizes in auctions which are popular with antique collectors.


Personalized Wall Clock

Wall clocks can be specially made with names and pictures crafted on them to celebrate special occasions like marriage anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. These type are known as personalized wall clocks. Many companies order wall with company logos and names printed on the wall clocks.

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Outdoor Wall Clock

Large and medium sized outdoor wall clocks are generally displayed at public places like libraries, offices and even at railway stations, towers and lifts. Out of all the wall, these types of clocks require the least amount of maintenance and most of them are weather resistant as well. Technology coming into clocks has given rise to many facilities which weren’t heard earlier. Many manufacturers have a huge collection of fine crafted wall to choose from.

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