Is an Antique Wall Clock Right For You?

antique wall clock

Antique Wall Clocks

Most people that fall in love with the beauty and elegance of antique wall clocks decide to go with duplications pieces because most people just want to set the clock to the right time and be able to tell a tale of the kind of clock it is, where the clocks were made popular and what the history behind the clocks are. Even though these people may have a duplicate clock, they will still have a very good story to tell and a very good conversation piece to spark these stories when they are entertaining in their home. Besides, very few people invite an actual clock connoisseur to their home for brunch.

antique wall clock

On the other hand some people decided to get an actual authentic antique wall clock not realizing that they come with quite a bit of responsibility. Authentic antique wall clocks come with much more than just a good story. Most of them come with authentic paperwork that tells where and when it was made and in many cases which company made it and the year or at least he era it was made. In most cases this paperwork is very old and will need to be stored in a secured place where constant ruffling will not be an option. With an authentic antique wall clock not only will one need to make sure the clock works but one will also need to find out are there any special care and maintenance regiments that will have to be preformed and how often.

Find the Perfect Place for Your Antique Wall Clocks

Many times people want to forget about their furniture pieces after they have placed them in “the perfect place” in their home but, often with older items like authentic antique wall clocks the “set it and forget it” attitude is not an option. For instances a damp or very moist environment or an environment with direct sunlight or fluorescent lights will not be an option with these items. Dampness or moisture may make some of the paper or cardboard swell and direct sunlight or fluorescent lights may cause some of the ink on these delicate items to fade, in essence ruining the time piece and, depending on how much you paid for it, depreciating it from an expensive heirloom to a worthless status. If these clocks are appraised and insured then some of these behaviors may make your insurance policy null and void.

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Types of Antique Wall Clocks

There are two main types of authentic antique wall clocks, ones that are spring-driven and will run for about eight days or ones that are weight-driven and will run for about thirty hours. Authentic antique wall clocks usually also come with labels, stamps or brands of authenticity that can be easily ruined if placed in the wrong area. These clocks are also usually much bigger and much heavier than modern or duplicate wall clocks so take care to make sure they are secure in the place that they are hung. Unlike modern clocks, falling off the wall a few times or having your “Tabby Kiddy” jump on or scratch it up could end up costing you your investment. Make sure you discuss all antique items with your homeowner’s insurance agent because items of great expense may have special clauses as to whether they are covered or not.

antique wall clock

These are some of the main reasons that when looking to purchase an antique wall clock, a person should always ask themselves first if an antique wall clock is right for them and if so, which kind? There are many different kinds of antique wall clocks from old English, old French, old German to early American, or ones that come from specific eras like WWII or the Renaissance and so forth. If you are a meticulous person who pays close attention to details and would like to purchase and care for one of these elegant time pieces then by all means research and look into purchasing one of the many beautiful authentic antique wall clocks because you will know what is involved in keeping your investment safe. However, if you are one that really would just like to have a beautiful conversation piece in your home and you subscribe to the “set it and forget” mindset, then you may want to go with a duplicate antique wall clock.

They should fit well with your decor, they may come with a history of the era and country from which they originated or you can research it on the internet and keep it handy or post it below your time piece, and you will not have to worry about the kids or the cat ruining an expensive investment.

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