How To Choose The Right Wall Clock For Your Décor

Wood Wall Clock

When the whole world is rapidly becoming digital, certain things from the past still retain their charm and will always remain timeless. One such thing is a wall clock that is often considered as a creative and unique décor for designing the interiors. One can find diverse, ornamental wall clocks that can easily transform the look of your house. The right selection of wall clocks not only beautify your rooms, but will also add space and character to your home.

Wall clocks are one of the most utilitarian and functional items that create an elegant ambiance in your homes. They play several roles. They display time, perk up boring walls and make your rooms interesting.

If you are confused about how to choose the right wall clock to decorate your house, follow these useful tips and add that zing to your house.

  1. Materials and Models – There are different models available for wall clocks. The classic wall clock model is one of the most favorite models. This is because of the color and shape of the clock that is never boring. It can also be combined with any theme of interior design.

There are different kinds of materials that are used for making these timepieces such as metal, wood, acrylic and plastic. Some expensive metals are also used in their manufacturing such as bronze, steel and silver. Keeping the theme of your room in mind, select the material and model of the clock.

  1. Customize characters – A wall clock represents the character of the room. So it should be chosen wisely. If a room is vintage-styled, then the cuckoo model (clock in the shape of a birdhouse) or clock with the carved wood frame is best. Similarly, if a room has a modern minimalist look, then the eclectic style or art Deco styled clock will be perfect. Also, putting multiple clocks in a sequence can enhance the aesthetic look of the room.
  2. Correct size – The wall clocks should also fit the proportions of the space on the wall. Don’t hurry, take enough time to decide on the right clock. This is mainly important for those walls which do not have any wall hanging. Do not put tiny clocks on the blank walls or big clocks on the decorated walls.
  3. Perfect color – The color of a wall clock should always be in contrast with the colors of the wall. If the room is in pastel shade, a dark colored wall clock (like dark blue or black) will impart a stylish look to the room. If the room is of a dark shade, the clock should be brightly colored.
  4. Placement – The selection of a wall clock is also dependent on the functions of a particular room. For example, if you want to select a wall clock for your kitchen, then choose a clock with motifs of fruits, vegetables or spices. Similarly, for children’s room, the motifs can be of superheroes or cartoons.

Add a signature style to your room by getting a wall clock for your room today!!

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