Wall Clocks – Shapes, Sizes, Framing And Personality

From the beginning, “time” has been important to mankind. The simple concept of distinguishing night and day is something that today we take for granted. Knowing the “time” where we live was important for many centuries, but as we leap into the global world, time zones are pretty critical to many as well.

Many of us live by that clock, but today the choices we have for decorative clocks is far beyond the Sundial. Multiple shapes, sizes and framing tantalize how our personalities decide to provide us with both functional and decorative clocks. They range from various shapes of large wall clocks to small and multiple choices of framing. Antique wall clocks fit some personalities, while the more contemporary suit others.


Decorative clocks and shapes – many to choose from – sunburst look to antique wall clocks. Some are rectangular, some round, some oval and the occasional octagonal. Yet all make a statement in color, framing or in some cases frame less. Colors most often appear to bring in shades of red or black and gold in traditional classic or contemporary wall clocks.


Large clocks and small – both can fit your style. The large wall clocks can be the focal point of a room. Then you decorate around it. Medium clocks can blend with other wall decorations that you have, but well placed in the room so as to be seen. Smaller wall clocks can stand out on their own with bolder colors or brighter framing.


Different textures are used for framing the decorative wall clocks. Antique wall clocks may have that tattered and torn face and have a frame of distressed wood. Others use metal, leather look, plastic or a composite of materials. All can bring a unique look to the wall clocks.


So how does one decide which clock to choose from so many unique and decorative clocks. Many stores display a handful of clocks. Try this way as an alternative of going from store to store. Sit in the room to be decorated. Will it be a classic clock, an antique wall clock, or a contemporary clock? Once decided on style you can use your search engine to bring up decorative wall clocks by style.

wall clocks

So you decide you want a medium size, round, wood antique wall clock in your living room – preferably the same tone of wood as your antiques. But for the dining room you are thinking a larger size, metal sunburst look. Your TV room/den is a more eclectic collection of the casual view of “you”, so a large wall clock, perhaps octagonal with bold color features over the sofa is more in line with your personality.

wall clocks

Your personal choice is made up of the size, shape,and framing of the wall clocks. Today there are too many choices available to be found all in one store. Much easier to use that search engine to look around until you find what you like. Also different is how we choose the right one. In years gone by a clock was strictly functional, just placed anywhere it would fit on a wall almost as an afterthought.

Notice I suggested that to meet your personality, sit in the room and focus on what you vision for that specific room. Now take it one more step – look from where you sit to each adjacent room. Will the decorative clock style I choose fit with my perception of this room is one question? The second question is how does it look with all the adjacent rooms? Will it make a statement about my personality that is pleasing to me? If yes, then write it down and move to the next room – choose for that room. Still comfortable? Every room needs a wall clock. How does your home look?

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